Helpful tips for renting a car

September 17th, 2018 by

For all intents and purposes, the opportunity to rent a car is incredibly convenient. If you’re on vacation and don’t want to pay for an Uber every time you want to go somewhere, it doesn’t get better than a rented car. With that being said, there are sometimes difficulties that come with it, but hey, that’s life. Keep reading to get a few tips for your next car-renting experience.

3 ways to save money when you rent a car

Try to rent from an agency away from the airport
Most car renters are probably renting a car because they have flown to wherever they are. Some rental car agencies set up points of business right at the airport because it is extremely convenient for the customer. Well, that added convenience usually comes at a cost. If you can find a way to an off-the-airport dealer, you could save up to 20% on the exact same car.

Avoid expensive vehicles
Buying a Mercedes-Benz is totally understandable and acceptable because it comes with the expectation that it will be around for a while. But when you rent a car, you likely won’t ever see the car again after a week or two. If you want to save some cash, the wise decision would be to go with an economy car. Obviously, it’s okay to treat yourself, just keep your wallet in mind, too.

Look for and ask about discounts
Discounts and coupons for rental cars are available everywhere. Do a quick Google search and you will likely find some that will work for you. The savvier you are, the less you will spend.

We hope these few simple tips help you save a little money next time you have to rent a car.

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