What is the Mercedes-Benz User Experience?

August 7th, 2018 by

Mercedes-Benz User Experience

Everyone talks about the numbers when it comes to shopping for cars. How much horsepower does it have? Does it have good gas mileage? How many people can it fit? All these questions are important, but something’s being forgotten.

Of course, those questions are important, but so is the driver’s experience in the car. Engine technology has improved by leaps and bounds to crank out more power in a more efficient manner, but has anybody thought about how to provide the driver with a more fun driving experience? Mercedes-Benz has with its new Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) system.

Mercedes-Benz User Experience Features

So what exactly does MBUX do to improve that experience? In this day and age just about everyone has a smartphone with music and playlists already loaded on it, connecting with that is the easy first step, but MBUX covers more than just the obvious. With other systems you might have to tell it everything you want it to do, but MBUX has artificial intelligence integrated into it help it learn what each individual driver wants and needs. This means that the MBUX will be unique to each driver like a fingerprint for your car.

A high-resolution widescreen touchscreen that can even be activated by voice with a “Hey Mercedes” truly bring MBUX and Mercedes-Benz into the next generation of technology. It’s not confined to just the screen though as touch controls will also be on the steering wheel to further integrate itself into the driver experience.

Mercedes-Benz San Louis Obispo, CA

The system was first announced back in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. The Mercedes-Benz User Experience will be a part of the new 2018 A-Class. To see MBUX in action or any of our other Mercedes-Benz vehicles stop by our dealership in San Louis Obispo, CA. You can also call us with any questions or to schedule a test drive.