How to Program Your Mercedes-Benz Tailgate’s Height

March 2nd, 2018 by

If your garage has a low ceiling, you’ll want to limit the height that your vehicle’s tailgate will open so you don’t hit it on anything. But how do you do that? Take a look as we explore the Tailgate Height Limiter feature that lets you dictate how high you want your liftgate to open.

Instructions on How to Limit the Height on your Mercedes-Benz Tailgate
The tailgate on your Mercedes-Benz SUV can be programmed to open anywhere between halfway to eight inches from fully open. In order to program your tailgate, push the button to open it. As it ascends to your desired height, quickly push the closing button on the back of the tailgate to stop it. Now press the closing button again and hold until you hear a tone. Now the liftgate will automatically open only to this height. For a visual look at this, skip to the 2:06 marker in this video below:

Are you having trouble setting your Tailgate Height Limiter? No problem! Just bring it into Alfano Motorcars and we will be happy to help you get it adjusted.

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