What is Mercedes Me?

August 3rd, 2018 by

What isn’t a “smart” technology these days? From smartphones to smart fridges we are connected to just about everything we own these days. Our fridge can text us a shopping list, we can view our homes from miles away on vacation and keep up with our dog’s health in the palm of our hands.

It only makes sense that it would expand to cars as well. With Mercedes Me you gain access to a lot of different features from the owner’s manuals to financial information all on your phone. The app is a new way to connect with your car that helps you better manage its health and gives you more peace of mind.

Mercedes Me Features

Mercedes Me is much more than just an app that lets you connect to your car, it provides a host of information and helpful guides. It comes with owner’s manuals, how-to videos, and can even connect to a product concierge to learn more about your vehicle. You can also schedule maintenance and service from your phone or find the nearest collision center if you’re in an accident. With Google Home or Amazon Alexa you can also connect to your car from your home with Mercedes Me.

All that information in the palm of your hand is nice, but it doesn’t stop there. Depending on your vehicle Mercedes Me can help locate and track your vehicle, lock and unlock doors, start your engine, or even find roadside assistance all from your phone.

If you financed or leased a Mercedes-Benz the app even allows you to keep track of your finances. The app helps you to keep up-to-date and in control of your automotive finances with a direct window to Mercedes-Benz financial services.