Why Do My Tires Have These Stains?

August 7th, 2018 by

Mercedes-Benz Care and Maintenance

You’ve bought your car, taken it home, and admired the new crown jewel of your driveway. It’s a good feeling to have a new car, but now the real work begins

It’s inevitable that over its lifetime your car is going to need some care and maintenance to keep it as pristine as you remember it was when you bought it. Oil changes and regular car care is important, but sometimes what seems more important is making sure your car is spotless. Regular car washes keep your car shiny and beautiful but depending on the car wash you use some stains might arise on your tires.

The aluminum alloy wheels are usually covered with a number of coatings and in some areas, this includes a protective clearcoat over the entire surface of the wheel to help protect it. Some car washes use an acid-based cleaner, as that helps clean off brake dust and road grime, to move cars more quickly through the wash lane. These cleaners can leach through the clearcoat and leave dark streaks that cannot be washed off. The acid-based cleaners can also remove corrosion protection applied by the factory and corrode other parts. Any damage done by these non-approved cleaning products would not be covered under the Mercedes-Benz warranty.

Mercedes-Benz Approved Cleaners

You want to be careful when cleaning your Mercedes-Benz to make sure you’re not doing more harm than good. Mercedes-Benz recommends calling your dealership for approved cleaning products. You can also ask if your car wash uses acid-based cleaners and look for another car wash if they do.

Mercedes-Benz San Louis Obispo, CA

If you have any questions on which cleaners to use give us a call or stop by our dealership in San Louis Obispo, CA. You can also schedule a test drive with any of our Mercedes-Benz vehicles.